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Workers can be classified into two basic categories: employees and independent contractors. This distinction is not without a difference. For example, employees are generally entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay, and are covered under their employer's workers' compensation insurance if they are injured on the job. The wage requirements do not apply to independent contractors, who also are responsible for paying for their own workers' compensation coverage.
Employers have frequently been too quick to mis-classify their workers as independent contractors, in order to avoid some of the responsibilities they would have if the workers were treated as employees. But you do not have to accept the label that your employer puts on your work status. Just because you may be called an independent contractor, or may have even agreed to that status, that does not necessarily make it so. The true facts of your employment situation will determine what your status is, and how you are treated under the various laws [...]
Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or floor is not an easy project to take on yourself. Installing tile can be overwhelming and hiring a tile installer or contractor may save you some time and headaches down the road. You want to be sure you are hiring the right tile installer for the job to ensure you get the perfect tile floor, wall or countertop. You want beautiful, straight, and even tiles all without problems. Hiring the right floor installation company, from the beginning, is the first step to a beautiful tile remodel.
One of the best way to find the perfect tile installer is to talk to friends and family. If you have any friends and family who have recently had tile work or a remodel done ask them how they enjoyed their experience. If they are happy with the work done on their home they are likely to refer the tile company they used. If they had a bad experience that will help you know what companies you need to avoid [...]
Sustainable architecture is the idea of using environmentally conscious techniques and materials in the field of architecture. This green building and living technique is intent on creating as little waste as possible, using renewable and clean energy, and building with materials that are not damaging to living things or the earth's environment.
Energy Use
Perhaps the largest component of sustainable architecture is how energy is used to provide power for the structure that is being built. Excellent insulation is important in a structure that is built with conserving energy in mind. Passive solar energy such as that gathered from strategically placed windows is also an important component in conserving energy and using sustainable energy sources. Awnings, shades, and shutters are considered green in that they use no electricity but can serve as passive building cooling devices [...]