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Consulting Engineers

Multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm.
Chemical project consulting engineers.
Mechanical, electrical, lighting, and performance contracting engineered firm.
Providing design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions.
Engineering service provider specializing in product development through conceptual design.
Five-stage M/PCpS methodology for process characterization, optimization, and control.
Consulting engineering and construction services company with offices around the USA. We plan,design and construct buildings, systems, plants and processes.
Engineering design, development, analysis, FEM and CAD/CAM material and mechanical testing, software development, consulting and engineering research services.
Services include mechanical, civil, structural, chemical and electrical engineering.
Provides electrical engineering consulting services, computer simulation, electrical and electronic design, and design of magnetic shielding.
Consulting firm with expertise in metallurgy, corrosion, welding, stress and failure analysis, fracture mechanics and mechanical engineering.
Providing structural engineering and cladding design services.
Provides consulting services in risk and safety analysis, risk management, engineering design and analysis, and project management and controls.
Consulting engineers specializing in the fueling industry.
Offers design, analysis, and project management services to the aerospace, offshore, and transport industries.
Specializing in the areas of HVAC, electrical, sanitary, site utilities, fire/life safety, and others.
Expert witness in areas of forklifts, material handling, industrial equipment, automation, robotics, and controls.
Consulting to solve problems in combustion and gas cleaning.
Providing analytical, environmental, biotechnical and industrial hygiene testing.
Providing electronics and software design and consulting services to developers and manufacturers of instruments and scientific analyzers.