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Art Glass

Manufacturer and supplier of a variety of stained glass products.
Offers Sumiglass laminated glass with designs inspired by shoji screeens.
Handmade material for panels, partitions, and shower screens. Custom designs available.
Manufacturer of custom frameless glass shower enclosures.
Manufactures decorative art glass entry systems.
Designers of beveled, leaded, stained, and sandblasted glass doors, windows, and entryways.
Specializing in hand-beveled, architectural art glass, as well as stone and metal.
Offers custom-designed beveled and stained glass doors, entryways, windows, sidelights, transoms, and decorative art.
Glass stained bevels, oval construction, door windows and colored glass.
Offers etched and kiln glass for doors, shower enclosures, windows, mirrors, and architectural art.
International studio for architectural and artistic glass design and mosaic works.
Specializing in custom-designed sidelights, transoms, and cabinet doors.
Stained and beveled art glass as well as designs in carved, etched and faceted glass for commercial buildings, places of worship, and residences.
Specializing in handcrafted decorative glass.
Manufacturer of decorative art glass and mirror for residential and commercial, interior and exterior applications.
Multi-disciple architectural firm specializing in architectural glass installations and sculpture.
Serves the architectural, auto glass, fenestration, metal, and glazing industries.
Producing decorative stained glass, leaded glass, and 3-dimensional panels for door and window manufacturers.
Architectural glass studio creating custom work ranging from donor recognition installations to corporate signage.