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UK consultants providing design and measurement services in industrial noise, building design, and planning.
A consulting firm in Palatine, Illinois specializing in audiometric testing, room acoustics, sound assessment, noise control, hearing conservation, and audiology.
Provides a coordinated approach that includes room shaping, acoustics, audio, video and lighting design.
Illinois firm offering acoustic design, noise control, audio system integration services and performing arts facilities.
Consultants in acoustics, sound and video system design, provides services emphasizing practical, aesthetic, and innovative solutions.
New York firm providing acoustical measurement, consultations, expert witness testimony, soundproofing design and troubleshooting services.
Canadian acoustics consultants and engineering company serving industrial noise reduction, and more.
Design firm specializing in acoustics, sound system design, theatrical lighting and rigging, and industrial noise control.
Experienced in the full range of acoustical engineering, audio-visual design services, vibration control, and seismic design.
Provides consulting services, with specialists who service vibration-sensitive advanced technology applications.
Acousticians of concert halls, opera houses and theaters.
Massachusetts firm offering sound and vibration measurement and consulting services for environmental, municipal, engineering and architectural applications.
Architectural, multi-media and environmental acoustical consultants provide projects, profile, contacts and fu facts.
Providing consulting and design services in acoustics, sound systems, lighting systems, and more.
Missouri consultants in architectural acoustics, noise, HVAC vibration control, sound testing, audio and video systems, and performance lighting.
European consortium of noise control product vendors and consultants addressing industrial and environmental acoustics.
International acoustic & technical systems designers. UK based, designers of recording studios, cinemas, theatres, public buildings, home theatres.
UK firm providing consultancy services to industries where acoustics and noise is an issue.
California firm offering professional services associated with acoustics, noise and vibration control in the construction industry, and forensics.
Denmark firm provides portfolio, contacts and profile. Working worldwide with room acoustics in concert Halls, operas and theatres.