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Building Automation

Distributors of driveway alerts, vehicle detection systems and home automation.
Electronic components providing automation and control for buildings, including CEBus products and custom embedded controllers.
Designs and manufactures electronic sensors for HVAC and HA.
Offering structured wiring kits, home technology products, and more.
Offers structured wiring cables, smart home panels, residential kits, and DIY resources for home automation and networking.
Offers x-10 and a variety of kits.
Offers web based building automation systems and advanced design aspects of energy management systems.
Makers of Comfort home security and automation systems.
Manufacturing home automation, audio/video Distribution, and pre-wiring products.
X-10 home automation retail and distribution for Australia, NZ, and Southeast Asia.
Manufacturing automotive electronics, home control systems, and sport electronics.
Offers structured wiring, home networking, security, surveillance, and DSS equipment.
Offers products and training for home speaker, security, lighting, camera, and phone systems.
Offers security products, hand-held remotes, light controls, telephone and computer interfaces.
Offers home automation and DSS satellite equipment to Canadian and international customers. Includes links, technical help, download catalogs and discounts.
Offers home automation hardware and software.
Offers the InfoControl universal infrared home control system.
Offers a large range of X10 home automation and multimedia products and services to clients worldwide.
Manufacturer of telephone and computer control products for intelligent homes.
Manufacturer of home automation controllers, X-10, and CEBus equipment and software.