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Manufacturer of insulated building panels for use on cold storage, food processing, commercial and industrial constructions.
Building source for post frame, industrial, agricultural, horse barns, and garages, and distributor of Low-E insulation.
Manufacturers of Vent-Top Thermacal, a ventilated nail base roof insulation system.
Residential distributor and technical representative for Superior Radiant Insulation.
Distributor and technical rep for Ceramic-Cover&trade, a radiant heat barrier coating with insulating properties.
Manufactures a high density polymer cover for exposed block and insulated foundation walls above ground.
Manufacturers of rockwool products, offering insulation services.
Selling radiant heat barrier aluminum foil products.
Specializing in sustainable building materials such as thermal insulation, fire safe insulation, acoustic insulation, and stone wool based growing substrates.
Supplying radiant barrier products for a variety of applications.
Offers The Diode, composed of high tech isolation materials combining special ceramics and low emissivity and heat seal capability.